Why single women should be the happiest girls

single girls1

These days being single is like the new black, especially in the black community. Most single girls opt to have casual relationships because they dont want the man involved to have a feeling of being tied down, or even they themselves be tired down.

The reality of the situation is that most women are bullied by society to be in a stable relationship, it is somewhat unatural or unacceptable to be single and succesful as a woman. In most cases women who are married , engaged or in a committed relationship despise single women because of two reasons, firstly they have a fear of having their men taken away from them, and secondly they envy them because single women still have their own independence and they live their lives according to their own personal standards. Sometimes single women choose to be single because of being tired of spousal betrayal and constant cheating , while others on the other hand feel that they are not ready to settle down and have kids while they themselves aren’t well that well established.


Every single girl out there in the world should embrace her single-girl status and use that time to do what makes her happy. Should go get that education she desires, be adventurous and travel if not the world then atleast the country. Go after the job you want , make your own money and buy yourself that house, car , clothes, and that expensive jewelery honey and more.

single girls 2

Do not let yourselves drown in the sea of loneliness sorrow and forget about how much fun you could be having without having to come home before the sun to cook for someone while making sure that the house is clean and before you can take a moment to breath your kids are back from school and you have to tend to their needs and help them with homework while trying to balance your own books and getting an education. Most importantly do not let your fear of being a single-girl keep you from leaving a toxic relationship and doing what is best for you because if you dont you are going to be filled with resentment towards yourself and others.


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